Legends Basketball League is proud to be one of the only leagues, that promotes a family-friendly environment with the goal of also giving back to the community. We implemented a Can-Donation system that is implemented to ensure good behaviour and sportsmanship. Players who owe cans must donate them before their next game. Here is the list of outstanding donations. And if players or fans want to donate from the goodness of their hearts, swing by Genesis Center when we have LBL games and donate. You can also catch a few highlights too!.


  • Ibrahim Tahero (4)
  • Suleyman Dirie (2)
  • Lynx Team Donation (8)
  • Liiban Jamaa (4)
  • Yusuf Ibrahim (8)
  • Abdullahi Bouh (2)
  • Wolves Team Donation (8)
  • Ravens Team Donation (8)

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